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Suvir Mathur Design Studio

Focused on creating meaningful designs, SMDS was established with a team of like-minded professionals providing a full range of planning, design and construction services in Urban Development, Architecture, Interiors and PMC. Headed by Suvir Mathur, a highly qualified Architect from IIT Roorkee, who brings forth vast business knowledge to project development, considering into account the complex interplay between emerging markets, socioeconomic forces and consumer realm.

22+ Years Hands-on experience

.. in spearheading Urban Development Projects that include Airports, Real Estate & Retail Development, and skills to cover Architectural Design, Project Management & Interior Design applications.

Multi Disciplinary Approach

… brings forth holistic strategies to all challenges considering into account the complex interplay between urban ecologies, policy constraints, socioeconomic forces and consumer realm.

Business Model Architecture

… emphasis is on development of existing businesses and ways to grow these businesses into larger concerns while diversifying the economic base with recruitment of new, complementary enterprises.

Because Earth is not a machine.

“ Our planet is not an engineering system to be fixed. Its a responsive organism. A dynamic ball of life! Humans are social beings, built for community, their realties defined by less than half a dozen touch point. We thrive not only on water, but on connections, relationships and love. Build a non-violent relationship with Mother Earth. And see the magic unfold.“

Its not war. Its not racism. Its the growing cities that are changing the shape of the world.

“ the World is no more a patchwork of countries. It is a network of development where cities merge with villages. Neighborhood merges with communities. Food merges with art. Art flows into technology. the heart of our art & culture, home of Governments & Corporates, the vital centre of economic and ecological growth in the wake of globalization We have lost our regional, linguistic and cultural rootedness, and replaced this vacuum with foreign motifs - the root cause of cultural crisis.“

Balancing the World-Outwitting Temptations

“ The split between ROI-driven, data-backed top-down urban planning approach and harsh grass-root realities seeded in faith and ideology, is one of the major fault lines in developed nations today. A successful Urban ecosystem continues to renew its unique history and evolution while fostering local practices, thus providing economic and political stability that cannot be substituted with top-down master planning schemes and "international designs" that most often do not engage the sidewalk-up lower income majority.“