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Aviation and Airports

Delhi Mumbai Airport Restructuring, T3 IGIA New Delhi

Surmounted technical, cultural and market challenges to lead a team of multidisciplinary experts across India, Singapore and Australia on the Delhi Mumbai Airport Restructuring project. By far one of the largest and most prestigious Aviation projects in India entailing 8000 acres of land and valued at $5 Billion, the assignment entailed putting together a technical team of 80 people across 3 countries to interface with over 500 employees from Airport Authority and Civil Aviation Ministry, to draw out Master Plan and documents for the highly complex Privatization process. Master planning and Development plans, Asset Assessment, Environmental Studies and Financial Planning/ CAPEX, RFP Formation, Development Agreements and Evaluation Criterion formed the crux of assignment for the two airports.

On completion of the Airport Terminal, he further project managed over 25 retail outlets in design development and execution services mainly in the Food and Beverages arena.